B91 Annoucements


June 17-B91 Is Listed on ZB
Thank you, B91 community, for your never ending support of B91. Because of your votes, ZB has formally announced that you will be able to deposit B91 starting at 18:00 on June 17th. B91 trading will open subsequently at 20:00 with both B91/QC and B91/USDT pairs. The team at B91expresses their sincere gratitude to all of you. May all the members of our B91 community have a bright future
B91's Efforts Prevailed And Will Be Listed On ZB.com With QC/USDT Pairs
As of 15:00 on June 15th, B91 received an overwhelming 3,520,131 votes to be listed on ZB.com! As a result, B91 will be officially listed with QC and USDT pairings. Thank you all so much for your hard work and your undying support of B91!
B91 Exceeded 60% Gains Today!
According to ZBG's official data, as of 10:30 on June 11, B91 rose as much as 60% in one single day, with a turnover of 115.72 million. Since the initial listing of B91 on ZBG, the increase has reached 5300%, currently at 5CNY/token. The B91 community is starting to spread like wildfire. The CEO of B91 pointed out that the current B91 user base has increased by 2.35X in one month, and it is conservatively estimated that overseas and domestic community fans have reached 720,000, which is expected by the end of June. Active community users will break past the 1 million mark.
B91 Will Continue To Guide Users On The Online Exchange
B91 has been getting a lot of attention since it’s initial launch. 91 super-community nodes have formed a huge community base. They have made the ZBG exchanges a few times. We have decided to strategically partner with major exchanges. The goal is to have at least 5000 active users for each exchange we are listed on. Some of the larger exchanges such as Huobi will bring in hundreds of thousands of community members. With B91, success is mutual. We all grow together!
B91 Sees A 48% Increase In One Day On ZBG!
According to ZBG official data, as of 14:00 on June 10, B91 rose as much as 48% today, with a total volume of 105.9 million. Since the first launch of ZBG, the increase has reached 3800%. The CEO of B91 pointed out that B91 has seen a massive 2.35X increase in users in one month. It is conservatively estimated that overseas and domestic community fans have reached 720,000. It is expected that the active community users will exceed the 1 million mark at the end of June.
B91 Begins The "10 Million B91 Prize Pool"Candy Drop Event!
Cited from official news, in order to celebrate the massive achieved of B91 being listed on 13 exchanges, they have decided to create a "10 Million B91 Prize Pool" candy drop event. For this prize pool, there is no limit on the rewards one can get!
B91 Has An Over 2500% Gain After Being Listed On HB.top!
According to HB. top exchange market, B91 was launched at 12:00 yesterday with an opening price of 0.1CNYE, but the current price is 2.5CNYE, a whopping 2500% increase! The blockchain ecosystem, which is integrated with the business, covers a wide scope of services including multi-currency wallets, global payments, P2P digital lending, C2C & OTC, aggregate trading, wealth management, a tech venture fund, and charity. B91 will deepen the integration of blockchain technology and use reasonable business. To start trading B91, you can access HB.top’s website https://www.hb.top. There are also two alternate domain names if you’re unable to access the above link for any reason: https://www.p.top, https://www.btct.com.
B91 App Upgrade Complete!
Thank you so much for your patience, B91 community! We've improved the user experience in our latest B91 app upgrade. Please uninstall the original app and go to the latest address to download: https:// B91.biz/apps/ We welcome all crypto enthusiasts to download the app and get a feel for our ecosystem.
B91 App Maintenance
Hello B91 community! We are currently performing app upgrades and system maintenance. We will be suspending top ups, cash withdrawals, and deposits. The upgrade will take approximately 24 hours. We will notify you as soon as the upgrades and maintenance is complete. This upgrade will give you a better user experience and address and bugs within the system. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!