B91-Leading The 5.0 Payment Era


1. May 25, 2019 B91 product launch was successfully held at Panda Hotel, Hong Kong on May 25, 2019. The conference was co-organized by Hong Kong Wealth Foundation Digital Assets Management Global Limited and Hong Kong BTC123 Global Media Technology Limited, demonstrating how B91 could provide a more convenient platform for digital currency enthusiasts around the world.

2. Hong Kong Digital Wealth Management Global Co. Limited is a financial technology enterprise committed to providing customers with digital assets management and trading services. At present, it has obtained the management and lending business licenses of digital assets. The company's investors includes LMP Finance SA, a Swiss financial management company focusing on financial management and investment, Hong Kong BTC123 Global Media Technology Limited, a world-leading blockchain information service platform, and AZcapita. B91’s product, is a blockchain ecosystem integrating digital wealth management, innovative applications and the circulation of digital assets. Its business scope covers nine major products and services including a universal multi-currency wallet, global payments system, P2P digital lending system, C2C service, OTC service, aggregation trading service, wealth management products, as well as a venture fund and public welfare fund. B91’s vision is to create a trusted blockchain ecosystem, promote the adoption of blockchain applications globally and lead the 5.0 era of payments. At the conference, Ms. Li Lijin from AZcapital, the shareholder representative of Hong Kong Wealth Foundation Digital Assets Management Global Limited, and Ms. Anita Wu, the high net worth client investment management manager of Swiss shareholder LMP Finance SA, delivered speeches respectively on their involvement in the project as well as their confidence in the future development of B91. With great conviction, Mr. Rob Davis, CMO of Hong Kong Digital Wealth Management Global Co. Ltd. emphasized that the new 5.0 payment era has arrived, and that B91 will be the leader of this new era. On future listing plans for B91, Mr. Dai Yuhui, a partner of Huisheng Securities Co. Ltd, pointed out that the company will make clear and reasonable listing steps and design under the supervision of the government. Mr. Shaon Shang, CEO of Hong Kong Bit123 Global Media Technology Co. Ltd. said, “This is my last blockchain project. I hope B91 can help investors of all levels get into the field of digital assets and properly manage their different digital assets. This will help to diversify their risk and increase their overall benefits in digital assets investment.”

3. At the roundtable panel discussion, distinguished guests also gave their opinions on the "5.0 Era of Payments". In the near future, B91 will be deployed globally to create a global blockchain application ecosystem and become the most trusted application platform in the blockchain industry. Together, with strong financial backing and our suite of products and services, we will build a stable and solid blockchain application ecosystem.